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D'ni Age Tour Club Winter Festival

Winter is only a few days away, so come celebrate its arrival with the Tour Club! Enjoy games, listen to some music, have some hot cocoa, chat with old friends, or make some new to welcome in Winter and the holiday season! Be sure to dress warmly and have fun! Join us Monday, December 17nd at 1pm KI time in the Uru Obsession's Eder Delin!

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Chatlog of the Guild System Meeting

The full chatlog is linked below but here is a summary.

The various guilds gave us updates about their progress.

The Guild of Messengers got new affiliates. They are working on a calendar and on getting guild newsletters out in the cavern through Ki Mail. The GoMe has a news feed on its website for other news. Lees meer

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Guild System Meeting Time update

The Guild System meeting will be held at 14:00 KIO time today in Kirel's Community Room.

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Town Hall Chatlog

Chatlog from J.D. Barnes' Town Hall held on November 28.

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Great Zero Meeting

The [GoMa] - Supporters are going to be holding a meeting about the Great Zero in the week following the server outage announced previously by Cyan. Topics would include what we already know about the Great Zero, generating ideas for maintenance of the current calibration, and formulating some experiments and tests to see if we can learn more and potentially improve its functionality. Other topics are also welcome! The official threads will be opened on the UO, DRC, and MO:UL boards soon with more specific information. Till then the link below will take you to our demo thread to read more.

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